Police will take aim at speed

Police will step up enforcement against speeding on highways throughout Maui County next week, as part of Operation SPEED.

The increased enforcement will be done from Monday through July 25, “in an effort to reduce speed-related crashes and to address the concerns of our citizens,” said Lt. Ricky Uedoi, commander of the police Traffic Section.

“It’s to address the recent complaints and in light of all the fatal crashes we have had with speed being a factor,” Uedoi said.

Last year, speeding was a factor in six of the 16 fatal crashes, police said. So far this year, six of 14 fatal crashes have been attributed to speeding, police said.

The Speed Patrol, Enforcement & Education Detail will do enforcement on all Maui County highways, including roads on Lanai, Molokai and in Hana. The enforcement will be done throughout the day and night.

In addition to traffic officers, officers from the Wailuku, Lahaina and Kihei patrol districts will help carry out the enforcement. Officers from the Juvenile Crime Prevention District, Community Police Officers, and the Community Relations Section will also participate in the effort.

In a similar campaign last July, police issued 634 speeding citations and made six arrests. Police issued 4,410 speeding citations in 2013 throughout Maui County. So far this year, police have issued 1,356 speeding citations.

The fine for speeding is $5 for each mile over the speed limit plus court fees, which range from $57 to $67. Those cited for speeding 30 mph over the posted speed limit or traveling 80 mph or more on any roadway face a mandatory court appearance with additional penalties.

As part of the enforcement, police will be on the lookout for people not wearing seat belts, drivers using a mobile electronic device and those that are driving impaired.