Water meters issued to 25 on Upcountry waiting list

The Department of Water Supply has issued 25 new water meters since May to applicants on the Upcountry Priority List, lowering the list number to 1,852 requests, the water department said Tuesday.

There were 1,887 requests on the last list released June 30, 2013. One applicant may seek numerous water meters, so the list of applicants doesn’t equate to the number of meters being sought, water officials said earlier this year.

The list as of Monday is available on the water department website at on the “Engineering Division” page in PDF format. The list is available for viewing in two formats in order by date received and by tax map key number, the water department said.

The priority list, which dates back to 1994, was established for the surface-water-supplied Upcountry system, which regularly faced water shortages, especially during the dry months. Some on the list have waited decades for the new water sources that would allow the department to issue new meters.

In fall 2012, Water Supply Director Dave Taylor said that maximizing the use of surface water in Upcountry could “squeeze out another 2 million gallons” a day for the system, which could be applied to those on the list.

In April, the county Department of Water Supply announced that a project to use the Hamakuapoko wells as a backup source for Upcountry was nearing completion and that the additional supply would allow for additional meters to be issued.

Jacky Takakura, water department spokeswoman, said in an email Tuesday that 25 meters have been issued since May.

“Staff is proceeding as quickly as possible, but each meter application requires detailed research,” she said about issuing more meters. “It may take a year or more to contact all the appropriate applicants.”

For each request, the applicant and water department officials review in detail the applicant’s project status, water system requirements and capital costs, which may be associated with the new water service and meter, Taylor said in April. He said then that the department was expecting to issue new meters for a few hundred thousand gallons of water.

All offers for new meters will be based on the list, Takakura said. Property owners who are offered a meter are contacted by certified mail, then have 30 days to accept or decline the meter.

Applicants on the list with questions may call the water department engineering division at 270-7835.