Shoplifting ‘crime spree’ leads to probation time

WAILUKU – A man was ordered to be released from jail July 28 to enter drug treatment, as he was placed on four years’ probation for “a crime spree of shoplifting” from Kahului department stores.

Shawn Visher, 25, was homeless and struggling with a serious drug addiction when the thefts occurred, said Deputy Public Defender Jared Brickey on July 25.

Family members have stepped up to help Visher, he said.

“I have seen him go from extreme drug addiction to the opposite end of wanting to get into treatment and recognizing his drug addiction,” Brickey said. “He’s really excited to do treatment.”

Visher had pleaded no contest to two counts each of second- and third-degree theft.

Deputy Prosecutor Jeffery Temas said the cases involved “a crime spree of shopping at various locations.”

From December to February, Visher shoplifted at Macy’s, Wal-Mart and Sears, said 2nd Circuit Judge Rhonda Loo.

“The kind of things you were stealing were things you didn’t need,” Loo said. She said a Coach purse and Galaxy tablet were among the merchandise stolen from the stores.

“The scariest thing is when you were caught, you said you didn’t remember any of them because you were high on drugs,” Loo told Visher.

But when police showed Visher video from the thefts, he recognized himself.

Visher told police he was stealing the items to sell or trade for drugs.

Visher was sentenced under a law calling for probation instead of prison for first-time drug-related property offenders.

He was ordered to pay $826 in restitution and perform 200 hours of community service.

He was given credit for more than four months he has spent in jail.