Mystery in a bottle

Strike Zone boat Capt. Junior Carvalho uses pliers to gently pull a message from a bottle his crew fished from the waters outside Maalaea Harbor on Tuesday. Carvalho said a fishing charter passenger spotted the bottle. “The little girl said, ‘There’s a message in a bottle,’ ” Carvalho said. Although he didn’t really expect to find a message, he slowed to have it brought aboard. “We didn’t want to bum out her trip,” he joked. The message written on a Foodland receipt conjures up far more questions than answers, “Help me (in the shore).” Carvalho said he was able to read the receipt’s Maika’i Card number, as well as the amount of the last purchase, $4.63, but not a date. Judging by the condition of the bottle, the boat captain estimated it had been in the ocean for a year or two.