Vog to go away for a few days

The vog that shrouded views of Haleakala from Central Maui on Friday will dissipate a little this weekend but return next week, a forecaster with the National Weather Service said.

Light winds that are blowing from variable directions are creating the conditions for volcanic gases from the Big Island volcanoes to drift over Maui County, said Jeff Powell, lead forecaster for the National Weather Service in Honolulu on Friday.

Normally, the trades blow the vog south of Maui County, he said. Moderate trades are expected to return this weekend, which will blow off the vog, more likely Sunday with today as a transition day, he said.

But the vog will be back early next week, Powell added.

“The vog is going to be off and on certainly for the next week,” he said.

The University of Hawaii at Manoa “Vog Measurement and Prediction Project,” or VMAP, showed sulfur dioxide aerosols at “good” levels in Kihei, where there is an air quality monitoring station, at about noon Friday. The state Health Department says that the green “good” level means that there is little or no risk, though highly sensitive individuals may be affected.