Protecting and preserving

State Department of Land and Natural Resources Conservation Resources Enforcement officer Josh Rezentes speaks with Kihei’s Jacob and Stephanie Adolpho on Saturday morning during a community educational outreach at the Maui Mall. Rezentes said that the outreach was designed to educate the public about new rules for size and bag limits for parrotfish and goatfish in Maui waters. Rezentes said the two species are prized by local spearfishers and that makes them a “favorite target.” Jacob Adolpho said he supports the DLNR’s efforts to protect Maui’s dwindling fish stocks and to preserve their natural habitat. “We’re here to support their mission and do what we can to help,” he said. He said he talked to Rezentes about commercial spearfishing schools and offered to show video he has of the businesses taking illegal fish and bringing large hauls of fish to shore.