Battle of the balloons

FIRST PHOTO: Doris Todd Christian Academy 4th- and 5th-grade students wage war during the 10th annual Axis vs. Allies Tank Wars water balloon battle on the school grounds. The re-enactment of a World War II tank skirmish began 10 years ago after the school received a shipment of new desks and the leftover cardboard boxes were used to make the first two armies of tanks. Through the years, the designs have become more elaborate, with this year’s array including catapults, slingshots, trapdoors and air-powered water bazookas.

SECOND PHOTO: With his water balloons all used up, 5th-grader Ryder Kauhaahaa fires his water gun Friday. The annual event is part of the school’s world history curriculum. In the 4th grade, Doris Todd students study World War II. “I learned how World War II started, and that after it did, it was just a bunch of chaos,” Kauhaahaa said.