Sculpture dedicated at upcountry school

FIRST PHOTO: Matthew Salenger’s stainless steel sculpture “Culmination” was dedicated at Kalama Intermediate School in Makawao on Thursday morning. The school received a $100,000 grant from the Art in Public Places Program with the State Foundation on Culture and the Arts for the project. The 18-by-12-foot sculpture, mounted on the exterior wall of a school building, features the demigod Maui roping the sun with images on the left depicting what the first Hawaiians brought to the island and images on the right of items that have been brought since.

SECOND PHOTO: Salenger speaks to Kalama Intermediate students during Thursday’s dedication ceremony. The 1989 Seabury Hall graduate credited Kalama student artists with helping inspire some of the images in the sculpture, as well as for their research and selection of the location for the sculpture.

THIRD PHOTO: Members of the Kalama Intermediate Polynesian Dance & Culture Class perform a hula during Thursday’s dedication.