Students get their hands dirty for Earth Day

FIRST PHOTO: Montessori School of Maui primary students Nani Vurno (from left), Benjamin Kerstein, Kai’au Yokote, Odin Smith and Micah Wilson have fun making native seed balls for the Leeward Haleakala Watershed Partnership during an Earth Day service project Friday morning on the school’s campus.

SECOND PHOTO: About 270 students, from toddlers to teens, joined to shape around 1,500 balls of native seeds mixed with dry clay and potting soil. The balls were to be dried on campus over the weekend and then packed for storage at LHWRP for the conservation organization’s fall reforestation planting season in Kaupo and Nuu. The mixture of clay and potting soil gives the seeds a better chance of taking hold in the rugged, windswept environment. A few of the seed balls are also to be planted on campus next fall.