Big bang theories

FIRST PHOTO: Science teachers Leena Miller (left) of Carden Academy of Maui and Carrie DeMott of Maui Preparatory Academy time the flight of a bottle rocket Saturday morning during the seventh annual Maui Regional Science Olympiad Tournament for Maui intermediate and high school students on the University of Hawaii Maui College campus in Kahului.

SECOND PHOTO: Seabury Hall’s Summer Wong (left), 13, and Nikki Fernando, 12, prepare their lightweight wooden tower for a stress test Saturday. Their tower held 23.1 pounds of sand before failing with a loud crack and shattered timbers. Wong is in the 8th grade and Fernando is a 7th-grader.

THIRD PHOTO: Carden Academy 7th-grader Zane Murasko (left), 12, and 8th-grader Sage Halverson, 13, prepare their bottle rocket for competitive flight Saturday. Inside the rocket, packed in popped corn, was a raw egg. While the launch of their first rocket resulted in an intact egg, this version ended with egg-soaked popcorn.