Hana firefighters rescue 2 from rocks

Two visitors were rescued from rocks about a 100 yards offshore from Waianapanapa in East Maui on Thursday afternoon, a Maui Fire Department official said.

A 39-year-old Ontario, Canada, man, who was not a good swimmer, got caught in rough water along the shoreline and panicked, Fire Services Chief Edward Taomoto said. A 41-year-old Australian man, a relative, came to his aid.

The Australian man did not want to chance swimming his relative back to shore, and they both climbed up rocks for safety, Taomoto said. The rocks were near a 40-foot cliff and someone on the cliff noticed them waving for help.

Those bystanders called 911. Hana firefighters on a surfboard brought them back to shore, Taomoto said.

They were treated for minor cuts on their legs caused by climbing up the rocks, and released.

Firefighters received the call at 4:48 p.m. and were on the scene at 5 p.m. The rescue was completed by 5:20 p.m., Taomoto said.