Molokai man sentenced to 18 months in jail

The Maui News

WAILUKU — A Molokai man was sentenced Tuesday to an 18-month jail term after he was found with drugs and ammunition last year.

Kainoa Lee, 24, of Kaunakakai also was placed on four years’ probation.

He could be released early from jail after serving 270 days, which he reached Wednesday, if he enters a long-term residential drug treatment program.

Lee had pleaded no contest to third-degree promotion of a dangerous drug, prohibited possession of ammunition, third-degree criminal property damage, resisting arrest and resisting an order to stop a motor vehicle.

Police had been looking for Lee after he was seen driving a white Jeep Cherokee that didn’t have its lights on when it nearly collided into a car the night of Sept. 18. The Jeep driver refused to stop as police vehicles activated lights and sirens, and the Jeep went onto a dirt road to evade officers, police said. Later that night, the driver again refused to stop for police vehicles before he got out and ran, police said.

Lee was located three nights later, struggling with officers before he was arrested, police said. He was being held at the Molokai Police Station when he began hitting the plexiglass in a cell, breaking it, police said.

Lee agreed to allow police to search his waistpack, which contained a plastic bag containing crystal methamphetamine and 10 rounds of 30/30 Winchester rifle ammunition.

Because of a conviction for third-degree assault and an active order for protection against him, Lee wasn’t allowed to possess firearms or ammunition, police said.

On Tuesday, 2nd Circuit Judge Peter Cahill followed a plea agreement in sentencing Lee.

If he is released from jail early to enter drug treatment, Lee was ordered to successfully complete the program. If he doesn’t, he was told he would have to return to jail.

Lee was ordered to pay $215 in restitution for damage to the police cell.

He also was ordered to complete anger management treatment and obtain a mental health assessment.