DUI Sentences

THE FOLLOWING SENTENCES for driving under the influence of intoxicating liquor occurred during the period of July 11 to 21. The listings include the offender’s name, age, residence and charges. First offenders undergo a 14-hour alcohol abuse rehabilitation program, a substance abuse evaluation and a one-year license suspension with the ability to operate a vehicle if qualified for an ignition interlock device.

Wailuku District Court:

Andrew Bigalke, 29, Costa Mesa, Calif; DUI (two counts); $300 in fines, $874 in fees.

Casey Kauai, 28, Kahului; DUI; $150 fine plus fees.

Alden Kekona, 33, Kihei; DUI, reckless driving, inattention to driving; 15-day jail term, $437 in fees.

Kimo Porter, 47, Makawao; DUI, driving after license suspended; five-day jail term, $750 in fines plus fees, three-year license revocation.

Fara Stafford, 45, Haiku; DUI, lack of due care; $200 in fines, $437 in fees.

Gary J. Sutton, 53, Kihei; DUI, lack of due care; $350 in fines, $484 in fees.

Lahaina District Court:

Cody Solomon, 29, Lahaina; DUI, false reporting, driving without a license, inattention to driving, leaving the scene of an accident involving striking an unattended vehicle or property; $650 in fines, $4,587 in fees, $100 restitution.

Marlou Tapec, 45, Lahaina; DUI (drugs); $500 fine, 72 hours of community service, $437 in fees.