Man identified by his tattoos receives ‘last chance on probation’

WAILUKU — A man who was identified by his tattoos when he and two others tried to break into an automated teller machine in Lahaina was given a “last chance on probation” Wednesday.

Nolan Fraser, 31, of Lahaina was ordered to pay $3,645 in restitution and to perform 200 hours of community service. He was given credit for 29 days he previously spent in jail.

“Next time, when someone hands you a mask and wig and blowtorch and welder, you better run the other way,” 2nd Circuit Judge Rhonda Loo told Fraser.

He had pleaded no contest to attempted second-degree theft and second-degree criminal property damage in connection with the attempted ATM break-in at about 5 a.m. New Year’s Day 2015.

Police said surveillance video from a nearby business showed three people approaching the ATM in the courtyard at 819 Front St. A blowtorch or welder was used to cut the side of the machine in an attempt to break into the machine and steal the $900 cash inside, police said.

Fraser, who was wearing a mask and wig, was identified through tattoos on his lower legs, including the island of Maui on his right calf, police said.

A plea agreement between the defense and prosecution recommended probation for Fraser, who has a prior criminal record and was previously sentenced to prison.

“People come to address their responsibilities in life in different ways and at different ages,” said defense attorney Chris Dunn. “I think he is making a good-faith effort to reinvent himself.”

Dunn said Fraser has a newborn child and is working to help support his family.

Fraser has had difficulty overcoming his drug abuse issues, which began when he was young and continued into his 20s, Dunn said.

In sentencing Fraser, Judge Loo followed the plea agreement, noting he “came clean” when police questioned him about the ATM break-in. Loo told Fraser it was his “last chance on probation.”

“When you’re caught wearing a mask and wig on video and it’s not Oct. 31, I think your Spidey sense should go off that something doesn’t make sense,” Loo told Fraser.

He was ordered not to consume alcohol or illegal drugs and to write a letter apologizing to the ATM owner.

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