Bank of Hawaii warns residents

The Maui News – A fraudulent voice-phishing scam is making the rounds to Bank of Hawaii customers and non-customers, the bank warned Wednesday.

Known as “vishing,” the scam caller states that the bank is proactively notifying Bank of Hawaii credit card holders that the bank would like to obtain them a better interest rate, and requests certain personal information — including name and credit card number — to do so. The scammers are spoofing a real Bank of Hawaii telephone number.

“The scammers don’t know if you are a Bank of Hawaii credit card holder when they call,” said Melissa Torres-Laing, vice president of corporate communications for Bank of Hawaii. “This is what they are trying to find out. They are using the Bank of Hawaii name, which is why they are calling random numbers — customers and non-customers.”

In an announcement, the bank reminded people that it does not call, email or text message customers requesting personal identification information, such as Social Security numbers, PINs, account numbers and passwords. Recipients should view any such request with suspicion and hang up, the bank advised. People who receive the scam calls also should confirm the validity of suspicious requests by contacting the company using phone numbers or email addresses that are known to be legitimate.

If a recipient of a call mistakenly provided personal information, he or she should immediately contact Bank of Hawaii at (888) 643-3888 and press “0.” For more information on how to protect against identity theft and phishing, visit ‘vishing’ scam