Man sentenced for threatening officer

WAILUKU — A man who threatened a police officer and damaged a police car after being arrested for driving intoxicated with his 3-year-old son was placed on four years’ probation Friday.

Julian Gibbs, 33, of Kahului was ordered to perform 200 hours of community service and complete anger management treatment.

“The sad thing is you endangered this child,” 2nd Circuit Judge Rhonda Loo said in following a plea agreement to sentence Gibbs. “When you’re sober, you seem to be a fine, OK person. The problem is when you drink, you don’t fire on all cylinders.”

Gibbs had pleaded no contest to first-degree terroristic threatening, fourth-degree criminal property damage and driving under the influence of an intoxicant.

He was arrested after police were called to Kehalani Villages on Oct. 12 to investigate a report of a man yelling and screaming after a collision, said Deputy Prosecutor Annalisa Bernard Lee.

“There’s really nothing redeeming about the defendant’s actions that night,” Bernard Lee said.

She said Gibbs was “drinking and driving with his 3-year-old in the vehicle.”

After police arrived, Gibbs was arrested for driving under the influence of an intoxicant. He was being transported to the Wailuku police station when he began slamming his body and head against the door to the police car, causing more than $500 in damage, Bernard Lee said.

Gibbs threatened the police officer, saying, “I’m going to hunt you down. You’re going to be dead. Lives will be lost,” according to police.

Deputy Public Defender William “Pili” McGrath said Gibbs was angry after another vehicle had hit him.

Gibbs appeared to be intoxicated, McGrath said.

“The sure sign is damaging the police car and threatening the policeman,” McGrath said. “People who are sober don’t do that.”

While on probation, Gibbs would have to address his problems of drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana, McGrath said.

He said marijuana “may have some medical benefits, but it’s illegal for probationers.”

“I don’t believe he’s foolish enough to give up his freedom and his family over marijuana,” McGrath said.

Noting that Gibbs had another child who died, Loo said that the defendant was lucky his 3-year-old wasn’t injured that night.

“You could have lost this baby as well,” Loo told Gibbs.

She said a police officer had warned Gibbs not to drive when he saw Gibbs in the car that night before the collision.

Gibbs acknowledged that he “never actually owned” a driver’s license.

“You shouldn’t have been on the road in the first place. You had no license,” Loo told Gibbs. “You don’t belong on the roadway and you definitely don’t belong there with alcohol in your system.”

In addition to bashing his body against the police car and threatening the officer, Gibbs spit on the cell floor at the police station, Loo said.

“I hope you understand what kind of break you’re getting,” she told Gibbs. “I really hope every time you look at that baby, you understand how lucky you are that baby is still alive.”

Gibbs was ordered to pay a $500 fine and $437 in fees.

He was ordered to write a letter apologizing to officer Darryl Honda.

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