Witness describes how man grabbed woman and ‘sliced her’

Wade Waikiki points to a diagram of his apartment at 1028 Wainee St., where a woman had her throat cut four years ago. He testified Thursday in the 2nd Circuit Court trial of Calvin Borge, who is charged with attempted murder in the stabbing. • The Maui News / LILA FUJIMOTO photo

WAILUKU — “Everything was good” during a gathering in a Lahaina apartment before a man went up to a woman from behind, grabbed her neck and “sliced her,” a witness said Thursday.

Wade Waikiki, who was living in the unit with a caregiver, identified the man who cut the woman’s throat as Calvin Borge, who is charged with attempted murder in the stabbing reported at 2:18 a.m. Feb. 19, 2013, at 1028 Wainee St.

Testifying Thursday in Borge’s 2nd Circuit Court trial, Waikiki said that he at first “thought it was Hawaiian love” when Borge came out of the bathroom and went behind Deanna Bolen, who was sitting at a small dining table near Waikiki.

Then Borge “grabbed the neck, her head, and pushed it back and sliced her,” Waikiki said.

At the time, Waikiki said he didn’t see a knife. But he said he saw “blood shoot.”

Calvin Borge

“So when I seen the blood shoot, I said, ‘Deanna, what’s the matter?’ ” Waikiki said. “To myself, I said, ‘Wow.’

“I grabbed Deanna and pushed Borge on the side because he had an instrument in his hand. Then I knew he had a knife or a letter opener.”

Waikiki said he pushed Borge down as he was trying to strike Bolen a second time.

Borge, 53, of Kula has pleaded not guilty to attempted second-degree murder.

In his opening statement to jurors Wednesday, defense attorney Michael Green said evidence would show that Borge’s girlfriend, Kaleiolani Keohuhu, was the one who brought the knife to the party. She admitted to police detectives that she was the one who cut Bolen’s throat, Green said.

Deputy Prosecutor Emlyn Higa said Keohuhu later told detectives she had been willing to “take the fall” for Borge because he was the only man who had treated her well.

When the stabbing occurred, Borge and Keohuhu had been at the apartment for several hours with Waikiki, Bolen and her fiance Regan Nitta, Waikiki said.

He said he had invited Nitta and Bolen over for a barbecue Feb. 18, 2013. Before the couple arrived in the early evening, Borge and Keohuhu, who was Waikiki’s sister-in-law, showed up at the apartment uninvited, Waikiki said.

Except for Keohuhu, he said no one had met Borge before that night.

Waikiki grilled outside and they drank beers. When it was getting cold and they went inside, Waikiki said he noticed something bulky under Keohuhu’s shirt.

“I told her, ‘Girl, what you get underneath your shirt?’ She told me, ‘Oh, I get one gun,’ ” Waikiki said. “I said, ‘Give me that gun.’ ”

He said he took the gun away, unloaded it and threw the bullets on the highway before putting the gun in a kitchen drawer.

Waikiki, who is 64 years old, said that the party had been “so nice, no incident, no grumbling, no yelling.”

He said Keohuhu and Borge had brought crystal methamphetamine, which they brought out after midnight. Waikiki said he “for the first time in my life tried it.”

“I was curious about it,” he said. “I took a hit from the pipe, that’s it.”

Afterward, Waikiki said he “came alert” and “wanted to open a business.”

At about 2 a.m., Waikiki said the party was winding down.

“That was the last call already,” he said. “We had only one beer left.”

Waikiki said he drank 18 beers over the course of the evening.

He said Borge and Keohuhu had gone into the bathroom before Borge came out first and approached Bolen.

After Bolen was stabbed, Waikiki said Borge and Keohuhu were going to their car in the parking lot.

“I told them, ‘No, you guys not going anyplace,’ ” Waikiki said.

He said he told Borge and Keohuhu, “Turn around, get back in my f—ing house.”

Officer Kamuela Mawae, who was the first to arrive at the apartment, said that he saw Bolen lying on the kitchen floor as Nitta crouched over her and appeared to be applying pressure to her neck. On a mattress, a woman was applying pressure to a man’s chest, Mawae said.

When Green asked if Waikiki had seen Nitta stab Borge in the chest, Waikiki said no.

But he said he did see Nitta “punching or poking” Borge in the chest after Bolen was cut. Waikiki said he didn’t see Keohuhu compressing Borge’s chest.

Asked about blood on the bed where Keohuhu and Borge were, Waikiki said he had been sitting next to Keohuhu and Borge on the bed. Waikiki said he was bleeding from a bottle that fell off the table and broke after Bolen was cut. Waikiki said he cleaned up the bottle before police arrived.

Dr. Ryan Padgett, who treated Bolen when she arrived at Maui Memorial Medical Center by ambulance at 3:08 a.m., said that she reported her pain level at “10 out of 10.”

“So it was the worst possible pain,” Padgett said.

He said Bolen had two lacerations to fingers on her left hand.

“The more severe wound was the laceration across the neck,” Padgett said.

He said the laceration to Bolen’s neck was “potentially fatal,” occurring less than an inch from the jugular vein and carotid artery and less than half an inch from the trachea.

Padgett said he sutured Bolen’s neck wound internally and externally.

He said Bolen suffered a “moderate amount of blood loss” amounting to about one-ninth of her total blood volume. She was treated with intravenous fluids and released from the emergency room five hours later in “improved and stable” condition, Padgett said.

He said Bolen’s blood-alcohol level was measured at 0.23 percent.

Luz Digny, a registered nurse, read notes she made after talking with Bolen that said she was “stabbed by a woman unknown.”

Judge Richard Bissen is presiding over the trial, which is scheduled to resume Tuesday.

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