Bail is $5,000 for man accused of selling pot near elementary school

The Maui News

WAILUKU — Bail was set at $5,000 for a man who allegedly sold marijuana to undercover police officers near a Lahaina elementary school.

Hardy Ah Puck Jr., 49, who gave no local address, is charged with selling the drug Nov. 9.

He has pleaded not guilty to promoting a controlled substance near a school or public park, second-degree promoting a detrimental drug, third-degree promoting a detrimental drug and possessing drug paraphernalia.

During a court hearing Monday, Deputy Prosecutor Tracy Jones asked that bail remain at $11,000 for Ah Puck, saying his residence and employment weren’t verified and he has a long criminal history.

“It is alleged that he sold marijuana to undercover police officers very near the fence line to King Kamehameha III Elementary School,” Jones said.

The complaint against Ah Puck alleges the drug sale occurred within 750 feet of the school and nearby Banyan Tree Park.

In setting bail for Ah Puck at $5,000, 2nd Circuit Judge Joseph Cardoza said he was taking into consideration the defendant’s limited financial resources, as well as his extensive criminal record spanning about 30 years. Ah Puck reported having a cash-paying job and receiving government assistance, Cardoza said.

“I’m certainly aware of the fact that on a nationwide basis, there is a major initiative underway concerning the matter of bail and alternatives to release on bail,” Cardoza said.

If he posts bail, Ah Puck was ordered to report for supervision and random drug testing.

He was ordered to stay away from King Kamehameha III Elementary School, Banyan Tree Park and streets surrounding the school and park.