St. Anthony School offering free opportunity to give ’em a try

Curious students can attend ‘3rd Quarter for Free’

St. Anthony School is offering the “3rd Quarter for Free” initiative to give prospective students and parents a chance to get acquainted with the private Catholic school in Wailuku.

The program allows students in grades 1 to 11 to attend the school’s upcoming third quarter for free, said Tim Cullen, St. Anthony School head of school.

The initiative “is based on the growing need of families looking for something different than their child’s current school setting,” he said.

Those families wishing to continue into the fourth quarter will receive a payment plan, he said. The program in elementary grades will be capped when 20 students in each class is reached.

Kindergarten was not included in the program because it is full, and accepting high school seniors so close to graduation did not seem appropriate, he said.

The current annual tuition for St. Anthony is: $6,200 for kindergarten to 5th grade, $7,200 for 6th grade, $10,000 for 7th grade, $11,250 for 8th grade and $13,500 for grades 9 to 12.

The fourth-quarter cost would be: 1st to 5th grades, $1,479; 6th grade, $1,792; 7th grade, $2,472; 8th grade, $2,781; and 9th to 11th grade is $3,337.

The deadline to enroll is Jan. 4 to be able to inform all teachers by the beginning of the quarter on Jan. 5.

Families interested in the 3rd Quarter for Free program should contact the school at 244-4190. Questions may be directed to Cullen at

“This is another outreach by St. Anthony School to our community and to the parents and guardians searching for a better place for their children to learn and grow,” he said. “We believe that when a student attends here for a quarter, he or she will feel the special ‘ohana that St. Anthony School is known for and that they will develop new friendships along the way.”

There still is room in some classes, which led to the initiation of this program. The school will be holding an open house and registration day on Jan. 27 for next school year.