Police: Drive safely around schools

As the beginning of the new school year approaches, police are reminding motorists to drive safely in and around schools.

Traffic officers will be doing enforcement in school zones in the morning and afternoon hours, focusing on violations of speed limits, seat belt use, child passenger restraints and mobile electronic device or cellphone use.

Officers also will ticket violators of the newly passed Maui County Code section prohibiting adults from smoking in vehicles occupied by a person under age 18. Those violating the smoke-free vehicle requirement face a $200 fine.

In school zones, the maximum fine increases to $322 for speeding and $347 for using a mobile electronic device.

Officers also will educate parents and caregivers about child passenger safety by providing informational pamphlets.

Police are reminding drivers about the state “Move Over Law.” It requires all drivers approaching an emergency vehicle that is stopped with its flashing emergency lights to slow down to a safe speed and, if possible, make a lane change into the adjacent lane. A violation requires a court appearance.