Jehovah’s Witnesses to hold convention

The 11 English Maui and Lanai congregations of Jehovah’s Witnesses will hold their “God’s Word is Truth” District Convention July 5 through 7 in the Maui Arts & Cultural Center’s Castle and McCoy theaters, according to an announcement.

The Witnesses launched this series of conventions in the United States during May and will continue the programs worldwide through the end of December. The Maui convention is open to all residents.

The convention theme is based on Jesus’ words in the Gospel of John 17:17. Speaking of God, Jesus simply stated, “Your word is truth.”

“This underscores a core family value for the Witnesses, whose families embrace the Bible as the most trustworthy guide and source of advice in these troubled times when people everywhere are looking for help and want something that will get them through the difficult times in which we live,” the announcement said. “The Witnesses feel that when the counsel originates from the Bible, it’s reliable and it’s the truth, because it is God’s word.”

Church members invite all members of the community, including non-Witnesses, “to examine and benefit from the sound, reliable and practical counsel from the Bible,” it says.

Parts of the Bible will be presented by Maui Circuit Overseer Rodney Tomiyasu and local elders. Two live-action, dramatic plays will bring Bible stories and their lessons to life.

The scriptural theme for Friday’s program is based on the Gospel of John 8:32, “The Truth Will Set You Free.” The opening talk for the morning session will be “How We Know God’s Word is Truth.”

The symposium “How Did You Learn the Truth?” will examine six ways in which people have become acquainted with God’s truths. The morning session will conclude with the keynote address “God’s Congregation – A Pillar and Support of the Truth.” The afternoon session will begin with an examination of how God’s holy spirit can assist one to learn and share God’s truths with the talk “Appreciating the Role of the Spirit of the Truth.”

A six-part symposium, titled “The Truth Sets Us Free From . . .” will examine what Jesus meant when he said, in John 8:32, “You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” A live-action dramatic play, “Show Yourself Attentive to the Wonderful Works of God,” will explain “how we can endure calamities with our faith and confidence in God intact,” according to the event announcement.

Based on Psalm 86:11, the scriptural theme for Saturday’s program is “I Shall Walk in Your Truth.” The morning program opens with the two, four-part symposiums “Reject What Is False” and “Cling to What Is True.”

At the conclusion of the program, residents who studied these and other Bible topics in detail will publicly symbolize their personal dedication to God during a baptism ceremony. This ordination of new ministers will include a discussion titled “Continue Walking in the Truth.”

The afternoon session will begin with the six-part symposium “Utilize God’s Word As . . .” and will discuss why God’s word is sometimes metaphorically likened to water, a mirror, a sword, a light, solid food and seed. A sound drama, “Be Faithful and Conquer Your Fears,” will show “how the actual events of the Apostle Peter’s life can strengthen our determination to overcome our own fears.”

The afternoon session will conclude with the talk “Walk Straight According to the Truth,” which will examine the lessons learned from the Bible’s men and women that help believers remain undistracted, focused and steadfast in God’s truth, the event announcement said.

The scriptural theme for Sunday will be “Firmly Set in the Truth.”

The opening talk for the morning session, “Help Your Children Go On Walking in the Truth,” will examine how parents can help their children to develop qualities that will help them to be firmly set in God’s truths.

The six-part symposium “Jehovah’s Promises Always Come True!” will feature fast-moving talks and interviews that “will build confidence in the fulfillment of God’s present and future promises,” according to the event announcement.

The featured public Bible discourse, “What Is Truth,” will “examine why we can trust God’s word, the Bible.”

A live-action costume dramatic play, “Prepare Your Heart for the Trials Ahead,” will open the afternoon session. “It will examine the vital qualities that helped faithful men and women in the past endure trials successfully and how we can prepare our mind and heart for the trials that yet lay ahead,” according to the event announcement.

The concluding talk will be “Remain Firmly Set in the Truth!”

For all three days of the convention, the program sessions are to begin at 9:20 a.m. and conclude at 4:55 p.m. on Friday and Saturday and 3:40 p.m. on Sunday. Admission is free, and no collections will be taken.

Conventions of Jehovah’s Witnesses are supported entirely by voluntary donations.

An estimated 1,600 people are expected to attend the Maui convention. Worldwide, there are more than 7.6 million Witnesses in more than 109,000 congregations.

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