Why you cannot trust cops

Restating the Obvious

The Los Angeles Times follows up on the arrest of Wyclef John on suspicion of robbery. It was a case of operating on a vague description. OK. That is inevitable in police work. Witnesses don't usually provide exact information and, besides, there are tens of thousands of men around Los ...


Book Review 382: Been in the Storm So Long

Restating the Obvious

BEEN IN THE STORM SO LONG: The Aftermath of Slavery, by Leon F. Litwack. 651 pages. Vintage paperback Although slaves had been freed in Latin America, Haiti and the British Empire within living memory of the Civil War generation, Americans came to their great emancipation without any settled ...

Bringing a gun to a car fight

Restating the Obvious

Stories about guns are almost always tragic or stupid, often both, but sometimes funny, too. "The man had robbed four occupants of a parked car and was running to a waiting vehicle when one of his robbery victims hit him with the car, police said. “ 'We believe this impact caused the ...

Picking rightwing scabs

Restating the Obvious

1. Gun nuts say guns in the home are no more dangerous -- even less so -- than other common household amenities, like swimming pools. However, I have never heard of two friends getting in an argument and drowning each other in their swimming pools. I will go so far as to say this will never ...


Book Review 381: Hitler’s Heralds

Restating the Obvious

HITLER'S HERALDS: The Story of the Freikorps 1918-1923, by Nigel H. Jones. 284 pages, illustrated. Dorset Lots of people think Donald Trump is a neonazi, and they are correct; but there is a yuuge difference between Hitler or Mussolini and Trump: Trump does not have a private army of ...


Nazi echoes

Restating the Obvious

Well-dresssed nazi as the BBC envisions him (Richard Lintern as Charles Lucas) Suppose I told you a politician gave a speech and that the principle themes were 1. economic autarky 2. huge expansion of armaments 3. denunciation of unfair treaties 4. hypernationalism and ...

Tactical blunder

Restating the Obvious

I don't know who scheduled the time and place of the hoopla meeting for the development of the Maui High site at Hamakuapoko, but by making it at 4:30 at Paia Community Centee, he guaranteed that everyone coming from Kahului hit the Paia traffic jam. From 2:30 on, the slowdown starts at ...


Book Review 380: The House of Mondavi

Restating the Obvious

THE HOUSE OF MONDAVI: The Rise and Fall of an American Wine Dynasty, by Julia Flynn Siler. 452 pages, illustrated. Gotham, $28 Despite being written in broken English, the outlines of the story are moderately interesting: Young immigrants, Cesare and Rosa Mondavi, scrap around and end up in ...

Whip Obamacare now!

Restating the Obvious

The weeks since inauguration day are the longest period that Congress has failed to vote to repeal Obamacare. Just sayin'. The Times reports: As liberals overwhelm congressional town hall-style meetings and deluge the Capitol phone system with pleas to protect the health law, there is no ...

More voting shenanigans

Restating the Obvious

And, no surprise, the perp is another Trumpeter. There are more illegal voters in the Trump White House than among all the illegal immigrants in the country. You cannot make this stuff up.


The ruination of Judge Gorsuch

Restating the Obvious

When Senator McConnell announced the Republican conspiracy against Article 2, Section 2 of the Constitution, my mind leapt forward to wonder what would happen if they got what they wanted: a Republican president. Would he be able to find a lawyer of high skills with so little self-respect, ...

The not-so-grand inquisitor

Restating the Obvious

"The agent pressed. Did my meetings and talks abroad focus on US law or the law of other countries? Not understanding what any of this had to do with my ability to return home, I found myself explaining that in addition to the Constitution, the United States is bound by international treaties. ...

Maui makes A

Restating the Obvious

Or perhaps the US Tennis Association did it, on Maui. Either way, bad publicity. About 40 years ago, I covered the first professional ice hockey game in Norfolk, Virginia, and the stadium played a recording of "God Save the Queen." The players, who were mostly Canadians, almost fell off their ...

Buchi Emecheta has died

Restating the Obvious

The Times reports that Buchi Emecheta has died. She was, in my opinion, one of the finest writers of fiction in English of our time, both for style and story. But I mention her career for the tenacity she displayed. The Times reports some of that but omits how she did it. After leaving her ...

Afternoon thé dansant of the Long Knives

Restating the Obvious

RtO predicted a Night of the Long Knives, and soon, for the Trumpeters. And, lo! it occurs. Only, typically for a Trump operation, it is tackier and sillier than the model, more of an Afternoon thé dansant of the Long Knives. Don't thank me. RtO is in the business of stating the obvious, ...


Restating the Obvious

There have been numerous calls to action in the past few days, of which perhaps the most temperate was by Eliot Cohen in The Atlantic. I suppose that RtO's labeling of Trump as a Nazi was another such. It was a deliberate thought though likely to be misinterpreted. Not Many Americans have ...

Trust them, they have a plan

Restating the Obvious

And as soon as they figure out what it is, they'll tell you. The Washington Post and several others got a tape of a meeting of Republican lawmakers to talk about what to do about health care policy. Forget what they said -- although that is interesting in itself -- and think about what that ...


Book Review 379: The Buffalo Book

Restating the Obvious

THE BUFFALO BOOK: The Full Saga of the American Animal, by David A. Dary. 384 pages, illustrated. Swallow paperback David Dary’s book is as much about the American gun nut as about the buffalo. Give an American a firearm, and his instinct is to kill something. The bigger the thing, the ...