Thoughts and prayers

So, another big shoot-’em-up in a gun-crazy state. Somehow or other, the presence of heavily armed citizens did not deter the shooter.

Rightwingers — specifically Attorney General Ken Paxton, than whom you can get no further right — offered thoughts and prayers.

They never say what they are thinking or what prayers they’re offering. I wonder.

“Holy crap, gotta buy me some more guns!”

“Dear Lord, I thank you I don’t live in a blue state where the gummint at least tries to keep firearms out of the hands of people whose idea of Sunday services is shooting up a church.

Or what?

Here’s a thought of my own. Of the 22,000 people at the Highway 91 Festival, 58 were shot to death. But the others are not out of the woods yet. About 200 or so will eventually die of gunfire.