Political clarity

The Tea Party/Trump wing of politics wanted honesty — no more prevaricating, shillyshallying talk. Funny how they cannot tell even a simple truth. However, it’s clear enough what they are saying.

During World War II, a German linguist living in Dresden, Victor Klemperer, devised a “National Socialist Lexicon.” Although he considered himself to be a German and a Christian, the Nazis rated Klemperer a Jew, so he lived in a “Jews’ House” and was tightly restricted. Nevertheless, he thought, correctly, that he could assess the temper of the German public by carefully following linguistic cues. For example, early in the war with Russia, death notices from soldiers’ families usually used the phrase “in proud sorrow.” By early 1942, the pride was vanishing from the obituaries.

Rightwing watchers, such as RtO, can do the same with our nazi politicians.

For example, in defeat Roy Moore said, “there’s not a dime’s worth of difference” between the Democrats and the establishment Republicans.

Now, where have we heard that before? Oh yeah, George Wallace in 1968, the last time a big name candidate ran for president as an open racist.

I was wrong about Moore’s chances, but not by that much. He’s not an open racist like Wallace but he’s a racist, he knows it and everybody who voted for him knows it.

He still got nearly 49%.

And if there hadn’t been 22,000 write-ins , almost all probably protest votes against Moore’s pedophilia from racists who coud not bring themselves to vote for antiracist Doug Jines, he’d have won.

I wonder what it’s like to go through life telling yourself: “If I’d been a racist but not a pedophile or a pedophile but not a racist, I could have been elected to the United States Senate.”