Goosing the VIX

Whatever Whiny Baby Donald thinks he’s doing with respect to trade especially trade with China, all he’s actually done so far is goose the VIX.

That’s the Volatility Index which some market analysts think is important although everyone seemed just fine with a quiet VIX while the market was bowling its way up to 27,000 on the Dow. Some people like to gamble by betting on the VIX or its inverse he XIV, and they like to see an active VIX.

For the kind of investing that I do the VIX is more or less irrelevant — buy-and-hold or, in the current state of affairs, sit on cash doesn’t require attention to the VIX.

However for you VIX fans Trump’s meandering and flailing about with tariffs has been a benefit. VIX has gone nuts. It isn’t easy to see what other effect Trump’s wacko trade policies have had so far.