New Maui Lani regional park facility receives support from committee

A 26.5-acre recreational complex in Central Maui may soon be available for residents to enjoy.

At its Feb. 4 meeting, the County Council’s Economic Development, Energy, Agriculture and Recreation Committee recommended adoption of a resolution authorizing a park assessment agreement with developers Maui Lani Partners and Maui Lani 100 LLC to dedicate parkland to Maui County.

The property is located adjacent to Pomaikai Elementary School and is to be dedicated to the County of Maui with full park improvements. Conceptual renderings submitted to the committee include basketball courts, soccer fields, a baseball field, 30 parking stalls and a restroom facility. In addition, the developer will provide drainage, irrigation and landscaping improvements per the terms of the agreement.

Maui Lani Partners will dedicate and improve the park site in two phases, with the first phase comprising a 14.4-acre portion and the second phase comprising the remaining 12.1-acre portion.

The developer anticipates that the improvements to Parcel 1 will be completed within one year after either the agreement’s effective date or the county’s issuance of building permits, whichever is later. Improvements to Parcel 2 will be completed within 10 years after the effective date of the agreement.

The Maui County Code requires “park assessments” – the dedication of land, money or a combination of both – as a condition of development approvals. The proposed agreement is intended to satisfy the condition arising from the development of 2,309 residential units in the Wailuku-Kahului Project District 1.

The resolution to authorize execution of the park assessment agreement will be considered at the council meeting on Friday, Feb. 21, at 9 a.m.

The draft park assessment agreement for the Wailuku-Kahului Project District 1 can be accessed at the committee’s website at The draft agreement is an attachment to the committee report labeled “Park Assessment Agreement for the Wailuku-Kahului Project District I.”

Public testimony, either written or in person, is welcomed and encouraged at the Council Chambers in Wailuku or at the council offices in Hana, Lanai or Molokai.


* Don S. Guzman holds the County Council seat for the Kahului residency area. He is chairman of the council’s Economic Development, Energy, Agriculture and Recreation Committee. “Chair’s 3 Minutes” is a weekly column to explain the latest news on county legislative matters.