Ask the Mayor

Mayor Alan Arakawa answers some of the most-asked questions submitted to his office staff.

Q: For a while, the shower at Baby Park (Lower Paia Bay) was busted, and water was spewing everywhere. Now it’s completely shut off. The park is used a lot by kids and families, and we really need something there. In the old days we had a water hose and that was enough. Can the county put back a water hose until the shower is fixed? Either that or you can just leave the hose there and don’t fix the shower and save money. We don’t need much in Paia, just an old-fashioned, plain, green water hose is fine.

A: Our parks department said that the recently redone showers at Lower Paia Bay Park are still under warranty, and a contractor will be going out this week to assess the repairs needed. A green hose may work fine for washing feet, but the kids and families who enjoy this park deserve showers that work properly. By the same token, we ask that park users avoid pounding repeatedly on the push-button shower valves because doing so damages the mechanism — which causes the water to spew out. Misuse and vandalism cause numerous expensive repairs, such as this one, that can be avoided by everyone taking good care of our county facilities.

Q: I’m wondering if there is an update on the proposed roundabout for the Maui Lani Parkway-South Kamehameha Avenue intersection. With school rush hours and commuters taking the shortcut to the highway, the traffic gets very backed up.

A: It’s the proverbial good news-bad news scenario: The design is already completed; the project is ready to go; and our Public Works directors and engineering staff have been busy meeting with the elementary school administration and other groups in anticipation of the intersection’s remodel as a roundabout. However, since the Maui County Council’s Budget and Finance Committee did not hear the department’s fiscal 2017 budget amendment, the Department of Public Works is working with the Budget Office to submit a new budget amendment for fiscal 2018. The department is hoping to have the amendment passed so construction can begin next year with a goal of completing the most disruptive portions next summer when school traffic is low.

Q: Who is responsible for the vacant lot fronting Lower Honoapiilani Road in front of Kaanapali Beach Club (across the street from Times Supermarket)? The weeds are growing through the fence and blocking the public sidewalk. They need to be trimmed.

A: Although the lot is adjacent to the golf course and resort areas, it appears to be owned by private individuals. For any property maintenance concerns such as this one, you have at least two options for reporting or requesting county service: You can use the county’s See-Click-Fix app called “COM Connect” (visit or download the app on your smartphone) or submit a request for service using the county’s trackable RFS system:

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