Ask the Mayor

Mayor Alan Arakawa answers some of the most-asked questions submitted to his office staff.

Q: When is the county going to host its next household hazardous waste collection here on Maui? We used to be able to take items to collection points at the landfill with an appointment. Hopefully you’ll soon have another event like this.

A: The next county-funded household hazardous waste collection event will be held Oct. 14. This one-day-only event will allow residents to bring in a wide variety of hazardous materials for disposal, but an appointment must be made in advance by calling the contractor (EnviroServices) toll-free at (855) 325-3222. Residents should make a list of the type and quantity of materials needing to be disposed of, as additional waste brought to the collection event but not disclosed when the appointment was scheduled may be rejected. Examples of items/materials that will be accepted include: aerosols, antifreeze, batteries, fire extinguishers, fluorescent bulbs, oil-based paints, old medication, pesticides, propane tanks, solvents and thermometers. You can ask EnviroServices about any other materials you may need to dispose of. Please keep labels on items intact, and commercial hazardous waste will not be accepted. To schedule commercial waste pickup, call (808) 839-7222.

Q: Some homeless people have their dogs stay with them and sleep by the roadside, but the worst thing they do is being unable to control their pets. It’s dangerous to passers-by. My brother recently walked my dogs in Kamalii Park in Kahului where I live. A homeless woman let loose her big dog, only to attack my brother and the dogs. Her dog was so huge that it was hard and scary to stop. My small dog almost lost her leg from the attack. I also encounter this problem whenever I take my morning walk on Alamaha Street in Kahului.

A: I’m sorry to hear that your brother and your dogs were attacked. This is not as much a homeless issue as it is a violation of Maui County’s leash law, which should be directed to Maui Humane Society for enforcement. Please contact MHS directly at 877-3680, ext. 211, or visit and click on “Services and Programs,” then select “Humane Enforcement” and the “Leash Laws” tab. You may also want to document the violation if it is safe to do so, using a cellphone or other camera.

Q: I live in West Maui and there seem to be a lot of county meetings for the community this month. So far I’ve seen meetings on traffic, the parks and the county budget all flash on my computer at one point or another and they are all in September. Wouldn’t it make sense to spread these out, or better yet, maybe condense all of these meetings into one big meeting? I like that the county wants to get our opinion and give us information, but these meetings are too much for working folks to attend them all.

A: Combining community meetings is not a bad idea and it is something to look at for next year. We do have a lot of meetings in the fall, this is true, and I applaud you for wanting to go to them all. In West Maui we just had a district parks meeting for the community at the civic center on Sept. 11 and there’s a West Maui Community Plan meeting on Sept. 30 at the senior center. Then we have a community budget meeting on Oct. 3 at the civic center. For the listing of community budget meetings, visit If you have any questions about community meetings in your neighborhood, please call Communications Director Rod Antone at 270-8222 or email him at if you can’t find the information online.

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