Ask the Mayor

Mayor Alan Arakawa answers some of the most-asked questions submitted to his office staff.

Q: I request a review of the crosswalk located at Keonekai Road and South Kihei Road. I am a victim of this pedestrian crossing. Keonekai Road is a busy road and the pedestrian crossing on South Kihei Road is located just south of this intersection. It is in need of a pedestrian crossing signal light. I was hit by a truck at this location and my dog died because the person making the left turn from Keonekai Road onto South Kihei Road claimed she didn’t see me in the crosswalk. Since then, people have told me that they, too, were also trying to cross at this location and were nearly hit by drivers who weren’t aware of the crosswalk. I would think that when there is an intersecting street, the pedestrian crossing signals are needed more than anywhere. This is the major crossing area to access Kamaole Beach Park III. Please consider installing a pedestrian signal light at this intersection. Mahalo.

A: I’m truly saddened to hear of the injuries you and your dog suffered. While there are no current plans to install a pedestrian crossing light at the Keonekai Road intersection of South Kihei Road, our Public Works Engineering Division will include this location in the fiscal year 2019 request for funding to conduct pedestrian count studies. The results of the studies will help prioritize the pending requests for pedestrian-activated lights at locations in Maui County, including this one. In the meantime, pedestrians should continue to look both ways and make sure that approaching traffic has stopped or a break in traffic is sufficient enough before stepping into a crosswalk, and continue to use caution when crossing.

Q: What’s the best way to report graffiti or vandalism? There are a few spots I pass on a regular basis that are eyesores because of the graffiti, and I’d really like to request that they get cleaned up. Thanks.

A: The best way to report graffiti and a host of other issues is to use the “COMConnect” app, which utilizes the “See-Click-Fix” software. Just download the app onto your smartphone or notebook from the App Store (iPhone) or PlayStore (Android) or visit to file a report from your computer. When reporting an issue you may register for your own login or you can report as an unregistered guest. The following issues may be reported through the COMConnect app: abandoned vehicles, animal control, building code enforcement, fire hydrant, general comments or complaints, homeless, illegal dumping, invasive species, parks and recreation, potholes, residential trash service, right-of-way maintenance, sidewalk/path, street light, street signs, traffic signal, tree debris, wastewater backup and zoning code enforcement. The home page of the app also includes links to the county’s MauiBus locator, online bill payments, Twitter and Facebook accounts, special events, county newsletter (“The High Street Journal”) and Frequently Asked Questions.

 Q: I really want to know if it was the state that renamed Mokulele Highway to Maui Veterans Highway. Did they ask the Maui community for input? I am all for a Maui Veterans Highway, but I am not at all happy to have it replace Mokulele. I think it would have been great to name Airport Access Road, Maui Veterans Road instead. I think our visitors are smart enough to find the airport without having to rely on such a “Captain Obvious” kind of road name. And every visitor in and out of Maui using the Kahului Airport will be honored to drive on Maui Veterans Road. Can you please do something about this?

A: Unfortunately, no, the county does not have a say in this matter as the state retains control over state highways — including the right to name and rename roadways. To find out whether any community outreach was done or to offer up your name-change suggestion, you may contact the state Department of Transportation Maui office. Mahalo.

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