Ask The Mayor

Mayor Alan Arakawa answers some of the most-asked questions submitted to his office staff.

Q: When will the construction at Waipuilani Park be completed? The new irrigation system is in, but there is no electricity for the water system to work. The park has not been watered in months, it looks like a wasteland. When will the water be turned on? It is a shame the condition of the park is so bad and the restoration is long overdue. Appreciate your soonest attention to this matter. Mahalo.

A: The Department of Parks and Recreation says that the completion of the R-1 Wastewater Reuse project at Waipuilani Park has been delayed by parts ordered for a solar system that will be installed on the roof of the restroom to provide power for the sprinkler valves. The solar system was determined to be the most efficient way to deal with land issues that precluded the installation of a power pole at the park. The department anticipates that the water will be turned back on within the next 60 days.

Q: During the last test of the civil defense sirens, including the new “attack” warning siren, my friends and family reported that the sirens were difficult to hear from where they were situated. If that’s the case and we do actually have an incoming missile from North Korea, how are supposed to know?

A: It’s important to note that the sirens tested monthly are intended to provide a warning to those who are outdoors. There are also several other warning points to alert us of an emergency or impending attack, including the alerts on your cellphone, known as the Wireless Alert System, and the Emergency Alert System, which triggers radio and TV messages. For comprehensive emergency management information, visit, and residents should take a few moments to subscribe to Maui County’s “Maka’ala” Emergency Alert System at You can customize which types of alerts you’d like to receive and in which manner, from texts or calls to your cellphone, home or office phones or a fax, email or all of the above. In the unlikely event of an impending missile attack, take immediate action by seeking shelter, staying inside, then tuning in for details. Hopefully we will never have to face this type of emergency, but if we do, it’s best to be prepared and to follow these three steps: Get inside. Stay inside. Stay tuned.

Q: When will the road repairs along Kahekili Highway in Kahakuloa be completed? It’s been tough with the road closures so I’m hoping sooner than later.

A: Our Public Works Department is pleased to report that the contractor, Kiewit Infrastructure West, is in the final week of this construction project — which means they are actually ahead by two months. They anticipate having the road fully open to the public starting this week, which, given the narrow roadways they have been working in, represents a commendable effort by our Public Works Engineering Division and the contractor. Thanks are also due the Kahakuloa residents and businesses for their patience and cooperation in dealing with the necessary road closures.

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