Ask The Mayor

Mayor Alan Arakawa answers some of the most-asked questions submitted to his office staff.

Q: Hawaii Revised Statutes 142-95 says that rabbits need to be kept off the ground. Well, I have a neighbor who has rabbits, and they keep escaping and ruining my wife’s vegetable garden. I keep telling him he needs to get this under control or they’re going to escape and breed and become another invasive species, and he keeps saying, ‘Yeah, yeah, no worries.’ Now they’ve escaped his yard, and we have baby rabbits running around our neighborhood. I’ve called the Humane Society, two state departments, the police and prosecutors and everyone says it’s not their problem. Is there anyone out there who can deal with this?

A: There is, actually. The Maui Invasive Species Committee doesn’t just eradicate invasive species like coqui frogs, the little fire ant and miconia. It also goes after more mundane creatures like rabbits. We’ve contacted MISC officials on your behalf, and they say this is not the same rabbit call they’ve had previously, so I’m sure they’ll contact you shortly if they have not already done so. For future reference, if you want to report an invasive species call MISC at 573-6472.

Q: My neighbor has his own mechanic’s shop in a residential neighborhood, and I’ve told him to knock it off because there’s never any parking on our street because of all of the cars. I can also see some plastic gallon drums in the bushes that he’s trying to hide, which are likely filled with oil or something. At this point, he knows any complaints will come from me so I’d like to make an official complaint and get the county to send an inspector up there. How do I do that?

A: Go to the county website or just click on this link: Fill out as much information about your issue as you can, and the county will send an inspector to check out the property in question. Please note that our Request for Service, or RFS page, is used quite often and that they respond to issues in the order in which they are received. So please make fill out the form and send it in ASAP.

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