Get a flu shot now

We may be an island, but we are not immune to ailments from the Mainland.

Because of jet travel, diseases are just a few hours away from our tropical paradise. Because of that threat, we’d urge readers to get flu shots if you have not already done so.

This year’s version of the flu is reaching epidemic proportions in Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Washington, D.C., and other parts of the Northeast. The Washington Post reported Thursday that some doctors’ practices there had run out of vaccine. There had been 310 confirmed flu cases in the Washington area.

The Post story said there have been 18 child fatalities from the flu this year. The story also cites the Allentown Morning Call as saying there have been 22 deaths of all ages in Pennsylvania alone.

There is still vaccine available here on Maui and we have not yet hit peak season for the flu. The Centers for Disease Control recommends the shots for anyone over 6 months old.

There are pharmacies here offering the shots and vaccine should be available at doctors’ offices, too. Call and make arrangements to get your vaccination before the flu season peaks.

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