Putting a bad idea to work

We’re pretty big believers in the capitalist system, but sometimes some of the ideas put forth by “entrepreneurs” leave us scratching our heads.

The news last week that an Australian billionaire plans to build a cruise ship called the Titanic II is just such an event. Clive Palmer used a news conference in New York to announce a new cruise ship that will be a “full-scale re-creation” of the original Titanic.

It should be ready for passengers in late 2016, according to USA Today.

Now, if memory serves correctly, the original Titanic was not a great success. It made almost one full trip before striking an iceberg and plunging to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.

Is this new guy trying to emulate that record?

The good thing about being a billionaire is that you have a lot of money to throw away on questionable investments. The bad thing about being a billionaire is that other people look at your past success and join you in the questionable investments.

While we do not have billions, we’d venture a guess that Titanic II is not going to be a success. It is hard to imagine thousands of passengers lining up to buy tickets on a ship that will be a replica of one that sunk on its maiden voyage.

But perhaps we’re wrong. If Titanic II is a commercial success, watch soon for other blockbusters, such as Edsel Again, Betamax: The Sequel, and Really New Coke.

The government is already in the spirit of these revivals. Friday it will debut Fiscal Cliff II – or is it III or IV?

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