The iron’s last days

It was no surprise in our household when it was revealed Wednesday that the iron will no longer be a token in the game Monopoly.

Hasbro, makers of the game, announced that the iron has been voted out by players and will be replaced by a cat.

According to a story in USA Today, with a week to go in voting, the iron was neck-and-neck with the wheelbarrow and the shoe as the tokens least liked by players.

In the end, the iron lost in the “Save Your Token” campaign.

We were a bit surprised, though, when a cat replaced the iron. In our house, the iron has been replaced by a wet towel in a dryer – that’s how clothes are ironed around here. It seems that would have been the logical replacement – a casting of a towel hanging out of the front of a dryer.

The Scottie dog was the favorite token of Monopoly players. The cat beat out four other possible replacements – a robot, guitar, helicopter and a diamond ring.

In somewhat of a coincidence, while looking for our left shoe, we discovered our iron sitting in a wheelbarrow in the garage. Both the wheelbarrow and the iron appeared to be residing in the same spot movers had left them when we first occupied the house some eight years ago.

Boy, those really are unpopular devices.

The story said the new lineup of tokens will appear in the game this summer. In the meantime, a “Golden Token” edition of Monopoly will be put out featuring the last appearance of the iron.

Imagine, a gold casting of an iron . . . gotta rush right out and get that game. There’s room for it out in the old wheelbarrow.

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