Underbelly of the Internet

Most of us can agree that our youngsters need to be protected from predators.

Unfortunately, there are enough perverts in the world to undermine the best wishes of decent citizens. Also, unfortunately, there are enough “entrepreneurs” around who, for more than a few dollars, will fulfill the desires of those perverts by selling our children to them.

Cable News Network ran a program titled “Selling The Girl Next Door.” In that program, a couple of popular websites were revealed as nothing more than pimps. The founder of Craigslist would not even respond when he was asked how underage girls were protected by the rules of that site.

Nobody associated with the website back would even talk to CNN’s reporter abut the thinly disguised ads on its site for underage sex.

But as one of the traffickers in those websites admitted, the reason the ads are so popular and pre-eminent is because the rates the purchasers of illegal underage sex are willing to pay is “horrendous.” In other words, the perverts will pay a bundle to sexually assault our children.

We’re not big fans of government regulation. It usually becomes a bureaucratic nightmare. But people who are putting dollars in their pocket by the sale of our children to sexual perverts need to be more than punished – they need to be shunned. Every dollar flowing to them needs to be shut off, and folks who won’t even answer how they will protect our children need to be put in jail.

You can assault our values, but you cannot assault our children.

(Note: A version of this editorial has appeared previously in The Maui News)

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