Confusing changes

There was a minor uproar last week when it was announced that beginning next month, the Transportation Security Administration will allow small pocket knives on airplanes.

The most outraged (as far as we could tell) were spokespeople for flight attendants. That is understandable, since box-cutter-wielding terrorists made flight attendants the first victims in the 9/11 attacks.

Blades on the permitted knives must be no more than 2.36 inches long and a half-inch wide. Those seem like fairly harmless items to us.

More confusing, though, was the decision to allow up to two golf clubs or two ski poles to be carried on board. What can you do with two golf clubs, except bash someone over the head with them? The other 12 clubs in a regulation set will still have to be picked up at the baggage carousel upon arrival.

What can you do with two ski poles, except stab someone with them? This is hardly a convenience for schussers since the last we heard, you still need skis to ski. That bit of equipment will apparently still have to be checked.

Also permitted will be billiard cues, hockey and lacrosse sticks, and souvenir baseball bats of 24 inches or less in length. A 24-inch baseball bat would make a splendid blackjack.

All of these items seem to have more potential as weapons than pocket knives. We are dumbfounded as to why the decision was made to allow these sporting gear/potential weapons in the cabin of the plane.

All that said, we are still impressed with the job the TSA does. It has done an incredible job of protecting the flying public.

We’re just not sure why someone needs his driver or his ski pole right next to him in an airplane.

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