Danger is everywhere

While those of us who live near (or in the middle of) the ocean are still shocked by the rare shark attack, we need to remind ourselves there are dangers everywhere in the world.

Take, for example, the tragic report last week of a Belarus fisherman who was killed by a beaver. According to several media outlets, including TorontoSun.com, the poor fellow was en route to a lake with friends for a little angling when they spotted the beaver by the roadside.

The victim decided to take the beaver’s picture. Bad move.

The camera-shy, tree-gnawing dam builder immediately attacked the innocent trout lover. Its oak-tuned teeth made short work of its victim’s thigh, severing an artery. Despite efforts at first aid, the fisherman bled to death.

Press reports say the crabby critter fled the scene and made a clean getaway.

The Toronto Sun’s website account of the incident also included an unrelated You Tube video of another beaver attack. In this attack, the beaver comes right at the camera wielder and one gets the sensation of being knocked around by one very angry rodent.

At least with a shark attack, you can be sure a human victim was mistakenly identified as one of the predator’s favored food sources.

Not so with beavers.

One can only surmise from these incidents that (1) beavers are not too fond of human beings and (2) they absolutely hate cameras.

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