Many heroes came forward

One day removed from the bombings at the Boston Marathon, it should be noted there were a lot of heroes Monday.

A very impressive sight to us were the medical volunteers running to help those injured in the first blast. The doctors, nurses and EMTs in their yellow vests jumped over barriers to immediately begin treatment for those who’d suffered horrendous wounds.

The low fatality count is a tribute to their efforts. Many, many more would have bled to death from shredded limbs if those medical personnel had not bravely dove into the fray. They were thrown into hell from a day where they were expecting to treat dehydration and sprains.

Of course, ordinary citizens did their part too. One nurse told a television anchorman Monday night they were deluged by offers to help from stunned patrons. Many helped push victims in wheelchairs to ambulances that could not get past barriers set up for the race course.

The response from Boston area hospitals was also incredible. The victims were lucky they were in such close proximity to great medical centers like Brigham and Women’s, Tufts University and Massachusetts General Hospital. Trauma surgeons were operating on victims late into the night.

We all, of course, anxiously await progress in solving this heinous crime. But it is good to pause and thank all of Monday’s heroes who came forward to keep it from being a much larger tragedy.

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