Too dumb to understand

It is a bit confusing to figure out what is, and what isn’t, affected by sequestration.

For example, tours of the White House have been halted due to budget constraints. Yet, the White House had a big party Tuesday night saluting Memphis Soul Music.

According to news reports of the event, Justin Timberlake, Steve Cropper, Queen Latifah, Sam Moore and Cyndi Lauper were just some of the artists who belted out hits like “Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay,” “When a Man Loves a Woman” and “Try a Little Tenderness.”

It was part of a series called “In Performance at the White House.” Does “In Performance at the White House” make money for the government? How much did Tuesday’s shindig cost?

Another confusing tidbit:

Performances of the Blue Angels have been canceled for the rest of the year because of the sequester. Yet the White House used Air Force One to shuttle parents of Newtown victims down to Washington to lobby for gun control legislation.

We support the legislation, but how much did the use of Air Force One cost? Could opponents of the legislation demand equal use of the plane and bring in a bunch of NRA backers to lobby against the proposals?

And isn’t the main purpose of the Blue Angels recruitment for the Navy and Marine Corps? What is going to replace that effort if the Blue Angels are grounded?

Ah, well, we are obviously not smart enough to understand the nuances of sequestration – or politics. What seem to be questionable PR moves in this time of budget constraints are apparently just politics as usual.

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