Old folks still rule

When one is very young, there is almost a knee-jerk reaction against the establishment. It just doesn’t seem fair that all those old people run everything, have nice houses, nice cars and the best jobs.

Mind you, there are always exceptions. Some young person may invent Facebook or, in our day, write groundbreaking software for personal computers.

But, for the most part, there is a lot of gray in the beards (or hair or skin) of people in charge. The only consolation for the young is that their day is coming – you’ll be old before you know it.

So it has always surprised us that old people are not a much sought after demographic. We just read again how television networks are trying like crazy to come up with programs for next year that will appeal to 18- to 49-year-olds – supposedly the most desired “target audience.”

It seems to us that if the networks ever achieve this cherished goal, many of their advertisers will simply go away. For example, if a network ever finds a way to get the young to watch its newscast, a lot of ads for erectile dysfunction and blood thinners are going to go right with the audience for such medications to another channel.

Most of the people we know who need blood thinners probably wouldn’t appreciate a hip-hop presentation of the day’s news.

You would think the networks would show a little respect for us older viewers, if for no other reason than to keep some advertisers. We are ardent consumers of both news and pills.

So, even if you are secretly trying to replace Brian Williams with Dr. Dre, have the decency to not announce it. The news this week that Williams’ “Rock Center” has been canceled was sad enough. Please don’t tell us it has been replaced by “The Real Housewives of . . . Anywhere.”

Remember, old people still rule. And we will until we retire or the numbers on our Medicare cards rub off.

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