Supersizing your shirt

Last week was an interesting one for those of us who like to go against the grain – so to speak – when it comes to nutrition.

(We go against it because grain is supposedly good for you.)

In a span of just a couple of days came the news that Burger King has come out with a new sandwich to take on the McRib. Just when you thought no company would have the nerve to introduce another huge pork sandwich slathered in barbecue sauce, the home of the Whopper rose to the challenge and introduced a beauty named the BK Rib Sandwich.

According to USA Today, it has sweet bread and butter pickles. Look for it around May 21.

For those of you who prefer pulled pork, the King also announced the Memphis Pulled Pork Sandwich. Couple this baby with their new sweet potato fries and those size 11X shirts they sell in Paia will soon be part of your wardrobe.

USA Today said BK will also have some “Oreo-infused” desserts. Do those shirts come in a 12X?

Not to be outdone, Taco Bell revealed it is now testing a new breakfast Waffle Taco in a few California markets. This little jewel will have scrambled eggs, sausage AND SYRUP inside a waffle crimped to look like a taco shell. It may be a brilliant move as USA Today quoted food historian Andrew Smith as saying:

“In California, anything named ‘taco’ would probably sell better at breakfast than anything not named ‘taco.'”

It is rumored that a supercomputer is trying to calculate the calories in each of these new offerings. Results are expected in a matter of months.

If nothing else, these new menu items should give pause to those politicians like Michael Bloomberg and Neil Abercrombie who rail against oversized, sugary soft drinks.

When the BK Rib and the Waffle Taco debut, Big Gulps may have to be reclassified as health food.

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