A face-to-face meeting needed

It’s time for the county administration and County Council to get together in one room – publicly – and talk about just exactly what happened with the old Wailuku Post Office.

Frankly, we can’t believe there’s been an attempt by the administration to hide the demolition of the post office – it’s pretty hard to hide something of that magnitude. But there’s no question there are some council members who believe they were not informed about the project.

Those council members maintain that money that was clearly earmarked for rehabilitation of the post office was used to tear it down.

Defenders of the administration have come out and said, well, it’s just a question of semantics. That’s baloney. There is no way that rehabilitation or renovation can be defined as demolition.

Obviously, the administration felt it had informed the council of its intentions.

So it’s time for the two sides to get together and see where the breakdown in communication occurred. Again, we reiterate we don’t think there’s any attempt on the administration’s part to hide this project.

The administration must have believed it informed the council of what its intentions were with the post office. There is no reason for either side to go and start hiring and hiding behind lawyers.

A simple face-to-face meeting should occur where administration officials express where they believe they consulted with, and advised, the council about the project. Then procedures should be put in place to make sure such a breakdown in communications doesn’t happen again in the future.

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