Correction and questions

First of all, a correction.

In Sunday’s editorial about Operation SPEED (a weeklong crackdown on speeding and distracted drivers that is ongoing by Maui police) we indicated that the speed limit on Mokulele Highway between Kihei and Kahului is 55 mph. It is not – it is 45 mph.

Several readers were kind enough to contact us about this blunder without making too harsh a reference to our mental capacity. We thank them for putting us straight and their gentleness while doing so.

But there were a couple of other traffic questions that these readers brought up to which we simply do not know the answers. So we thought we’d throw them out there with hopes that officials or readers may know and share the answers.

Question No. 1: Why is the speed limit on Mokulele Highway only 45 mph when it appears to be a much better road than parts of of Haleakala Highway and Hana Highway that have 55 mph limits?

Question No. 2: When the build out of the A&B Maui Business Park is complete (with new shopping centers and dozens, if not hundreds, of commercial concerns) won’t the decision to put a traffic light on Hana Highway instead of an overpass create a second traffic mess just like Dairy Road? Won’t this decision result in two immensely congested intersections within a mile of each other on Hana Highway?

We hope somebody will write in with answers to these questions. We think they are good ones and were a bit surprised that a piece on traffic generated them.

Lastly, a note of caution: Always obey the speed limit on the traffic signs on your route, not the ones printed in ink on this paper.

* Editorials reflect the opinion of the publisher.