Creeps just won’t go away

A candidate for mayor of New York has embarrassed his wife, himself and the entire political process by “sexting” with strangers.

And this is not the first time he has done so – no, he was forced to resign from Congress two years ago when he was caught sending indecent pictures of his privates to women through texts.

Meanwhile . . . the mayor of San Diego has decided to seek therapy after a seventh woman stepped forward to claim he had sexually harassed her. According to news reports, he will undergo two weeks of “intensive therapy” to treat his condition.

Meanwhile . . . the former governor of New York, who resigned in disgrace when he was caught in trysts with high-end prostitutes, is trying to resurrect his political career by running for New York City comptroller.

The stories of Anthony Weiner, Bob Filner and Eliot Spitzer are pathetic in and of themselves. What is even more pathetic, though, is that each man still believes there’s a place for him in politics.

Weiner’s story gets more gruesome every day. Now there are at least three women who say they got lewd texts from the would-be NYC mayor AFTER his disgraceful resignation from Congress.

The saddest part of his case is that he is married to Huma Abedin, a brilliant woman who is a trusted aide, adviser and confidante of Hillary Clinton. Weiner has humiliated her twice on the national stage in the last couple of years. She is still standing by him and he says he will not pull out of the race.

San Diego Mayor Filner has admitted “the behavior I have engaged in for many years is wrong,” The Wall Street Journal reported. His former communications director alleges in a lawsuit he put her in a headlock and made suggestive comments to her.

Filner is ignoring calls for his resignation.

Former Gov. Spitzer, of course, was a very loyal customer of a prostitution service known as the Emperor’s Club. His exposure led to his resignation as governor in 2008, made a mini-celebrity out of call girl Ashley Dupre and, of course, humiliated his wife, Silda.

All these stories make us wish these creeps would just crawl back under the rocks they came from.

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