Flossie as a reminder

As this is written, Maui and the Hawaiian Islands are waiting to see how much of a punch Tropical Storm Flossie packs.

While the storm was said to be weakening Monday morning, there were still warnings of 60-mph winds and the very real threat of enough rain to cause substantial flash flooding.

As a member of the board of the American Red CrossHawaii Chapter and the Maui Advisory Council of the Red Cross, we write often about preparedness. We urge readers time and again to have a disaster kit – batteries, blankets, water, hand-crank radios, flashlights, etc.

Be sure to keep lots of nonperishable food on hand – basically anything that doesn’t require refrigeration. The Red Cross says that because of our isolation, we should have enough supplies to last five to seven days.

And, as we reminded readers just three weeks ago, anyone living below 25 feet in elevation should have an evacuation plan.

The truth of the matter is that living in Paradise with the greatest weather on Earth makes all of us complacent. Yes, the storms are infrequent but the potential for real damage always exists.

So, please remember, even after Flossie, hurricane season in the Pacific extends through the end of November. Please protect your family by preparing a disaster kit and having an evacuation plan in place if you live in a low-lying area.

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