Wasting time and money

We’re not certain exactly what the Maui County Council hopes to accomplish with its decision to pursue an investigation of the use of “rehabilitation” funds to demolish the Old Wailuku Post Office.

If they are hoping to castigate Mayor Alan Arakawa for using those funds to knock down the building, castigate away. He has admitted they made a mistake by not getting the budget language amended before proceeding.

An investigation is hardly necessary when the accused has pleaded guilty.

If they are hoping to find some nefarious scheming in the direction of the funds, well, that borders on the ridiculous. A project of that size is impossible to hide. Plus, council members were not only advised in advance about the project, documents show their input was sought. And they agreed the post office should be knocked down.

It makes us wonder if some political ambitions are overriding reason. There is a mayoral election next year and that is the only possible reason we see for keeping this particular pot boiling.

Regardless, a formal investigation is a waste of time and money. The mayor has pledged that steps will be taken to make sure this sort of mistake will not be repeated. It’s our guess that with all the attention and resulting embarrassment this mistake drew, it is one hard lesson learned.

If any of the council members do see this as a political plum to take the mayor’s job, save it for the political season next year. Don’t waste taxpayers’ money dragging this out through 2014.

There are simply much better uses for council members’ time and the public’s money than beating this dead horse.

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