Women for the top job

By most accounts, Hillary Clinton is leading all contenders for the Democratic nomination for president in 2016.

Tuesday, news reports revealed that a super Political Action Committee backing Clinton has hired a firm founded by former Obama aides. The Ready for Hillary PAC will be assisted by 270 Strategies to help it with grass-roots organizing.

While Hillary Clinton is much more than a former first lady, we think that position may be a very good training ground for future presidents. As we’ve said here before, we’re impressed with Laura Bush’s continuing efforts to work for women’s rights and dignity in countries like Burma (Myanmar) and Afghanistan.

While she chiefly has been concerned with being first mother (or mother first, if you prefer), we think Michelle Obama has a future in politics if she wants one. She showed she has the spine to handle hecklers. She bluntly told a fundraiser last month they had a choice: Either kick out the woman heckling her or she was leaving.

She also is doing a wonderful job in leading the fight against childhood obesity. She is strong, smart and . . . nice. We are immensely impressed with her.

So, we have used the word “impressed” a few times in this piece. But when talking about these women, that is the correct word. Each appears to be every bit as smart and capable as their very distinguished husbands.

Hillary Clinton may have more training thanks to her days in the Senate and her stint as secretary of state. But the other two women are certainly no slouches when it comes to brains and appeal.

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