Innovation is alive and well

As we wrote recently, the visitor industry led Maui County – and Hawaii – back from the depths of the recession.

One of the impressive things about the people charged with making that business thrive is that they never seem to rest on their laurels.

Terryl Vencl, the Maui Visitors Bureau executive director, outlined new strategies at MVB’s annual membership and marketing meeting Thursday.

According to a report in The Maui News, the bureau will concentrate on attracting people here by showing them everything Maui has to offer.

Part of the new strategy, done in conjunction with the Hawaii Visitors & Convention Bureau, is to feature the attractions of the different islands in Hawaii in videos. The strategy is based on the idea that different visitors are looking for different experiences in a vacation to Hawaii.

People wanting an active night life, for example, would be more suited to Maui or Oahu. Those seeking a more relaxed and laid-back visitor experience would probably be better matched with Lanai or Molokai. The videos will showcase each island’s attractions and visitors can pick the destination most suitable for them.

Of course, MVB will still use its partnerships with media like Conde Nast, National Geographic, Travel & Leisure and The New York Times to reach potential visitors, too. But, the videos will supplement those efforts.

The innovation of our experts assures that the visitor industry will continue to thrive.

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