A little bit lighter news

Sometimes in the midst of weeks on end of depressing news about potential wars, shutting down the government, shootings and on and on, we like to find tidbits to lighten up readers’ moods.

Two such potential stories came across our desk this week courtesy of The Associated Press and the great state of Pennsylvania.

First of all came the shocking news that two clowns were slightly injured when a minivan they were driving crashed into an SUV at the York (Penn.) Fairgrounds. The clowns were attempting to make a U-turn at the time of the crash.

The maneuver was apparently complicated because the two bulbous-nosed performers were towing a clown’s car on a trailer at the time. The driver of the van, Dimples the Clown, sustained a bump on his head. His passenger was unhurt.

Police confirmed that Dimples was wearing clown shoes, but believe the “oversized footwear” (as it was described in the story) was not a factor in the crash.

Meanwhile, on the same day across the state in Erie, Penn. . . .

A 28 year-old man was charged with public drunkenness after an unsuccessful 3:30 a.m. attempt to commandeer a freight train. The failed plot began when the man jumped aboard the CSX train in Ashtabula, Ohio.

He made his way up the length of the train until he got to the main engine while the train was approaching Erie. He banged on the windows of the engine, telling the engineer and the conductor he was commandeering the train. They apparently ignored him and radioed ahead to police

Nobody was hurt and nothing was taken from the train. Police augmented the public drunkenness charge with another one for criminal trespass.

It was not immediately known where the man wanted to take the commandeered train.

His attorney was expected to argue that probation would give the young man a chance to get his life back on track.

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