Prolonging the agony

Hmmm . . . we are missing something.

The Old Wailuku Post Office is gone, a temporary parking lot is in its place. The Arakawa administration has admitted using funds budgeted for “rehabilitation” of the building to demolish it and make plans for a new county campus.

They have also admitted that they should have gone back to the County Council and had that item amended before proceeding with the demolition. Although they did not cross that final ‘T,’ they have pointed out that they advised council members on numerous occasions of their intentions and believed that all parties were on the same page.

The council has rejected efforts to quickly retroactively amend the budget item.

And now a council committee is even discussing the possibility of hiring an outside auditor to audit the project. The new county Auditor guessed that such an audit could cost $80,000 to $100,000.

Our question is: “To what end?”

Let’s see. The accused has admitted guilt – at least to a technicality. Do council members believe anyone in the administration thought they could get away with a project of such magnitude without the council noticing? Are they suggesting something sinister occurred?

Such a view is beyond belief.

The mayor and his administration may be guilty of not getting the budget amended before going ahead with the demolition. But the council will be guilty of throwing away perhaps $100,000 to confirm what everybody already knows if they authorize this outside audit.

Why don’t we move on? Aren’t there more important things for the council to do than prolong this incident?

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